GM Truck 4x4 Launch MYTHS

I thought I would sit down for a couple minutes to explain the single most common question. I get asked about this thing all the time, and that is what transfer case am I using because, if you're familiar with des plaines, you know these things come as all-wheel drive and you may have seen me posting videos doing two wheel, drive dyno polls or nasty Burn outs - or you know stuff like that, and in addition to wondering how I'm doing in two-wheel drive, I also get asked all the time how it doesn't blow up as far as like the front diff and everything. So I'm just going to throw that all out there right now we're going to get rid of some some myths about these GM half-tons and their four wheel drive components. So, first of all, as far as transfer case goes, that I am personally running, it is a 261 HD transfer case which is not what came in this. Originally, it is a 4x4 manual transfer case from a like a mint 2000 2500 gas pickup. Basically, if you could find the 261 transfer case in a truck that was a 2500 came with a 6 liter in a 4 League and was manual shift on the floor, the electronic shift version of this transfer case is the 263. That'S the only difference is one. Some electronically shifted versus manual. I went with manual because I wanted to not have to deal with any electronics but uh really. I chose that transfer case because it is the strongest rated transfer case for that. I guess your range so to speak. There'S a 261 and a 261 HD, I have the HD and there is also a 261 X HD, which comes in the Duramax trucks and naturally, before I got mine, I thought oh, I want to get it x8 because it probably means extra heavy-duty. Well, that's not the case from what I could gather the X just signifies that it has a 29 spline input for an allison transmission instead of a 32 for a 480, which is what I have in here. So I got the regular HD and the difference between the HD and the non HD cuz there's a 261 and 261 HD is it has a thicker chain which is beneficial, but you won't break your regular 261. You just don't, which leads me to. My second point is that everybody thinks that you're gon na frickin blow up all of your front-end components: you're gon na blow up or transfer case. If you have a bunch of power and you need to upgrade it and that's just not true at all this front. Diff is stock stock completely stock. I just changed the oil in it for the first time ever like a month ago, and it looked completely fine. It'S got stock axles stocks, TVs, like stock, isn't original that this thing came from the dealership, which I have not changed them and has probably 70,000 miles on it, and I beat the crap out of it with an LSA blower combination for about eleven thousand miles before This turbos up, so its tout, wouldn't worry about it at all, and I did not get rid of the stock transfer case because it will blow up, which is another misconception that I want to clear up the stock transfer case. In this thing, it's a board Warner. 44 85 and it's an all wheel, drive transfer case with a viscous coupling, which means that the unlike a manual 4x4 case there is no mechanical connection in there. The viscous coupling is much like a torque converter, whereas fluid with turbines that engage the front wheels, and I didn't like that because when I have the supercharger in here with these all-wheel-drive trucks, they don't they don't lock the front diff, they can't lock. There'S no there's not actually a lot notice, the difference so to regulate front wheel, speed. It pulses the ABS, which naturally you're thinking. Why would I want the brakes pulse me when you're launching you don't, and this thing was doing that so I was like you know how much I pull the ABS fuse out and see if that gets rid of it, but when it did that the front, I Would lift it would unload the driver side front tire and just do a one tire fire for like three hundred feet, because the viscous coupling the transfer of power would just go through the transfer case to the nearest package least resistance, much like an open diff. So I switched to a mechanical 4x4 case to get rid of that. That way, if you're, spinning a front tire, the rear tires get the same amount of power regardless it doesn't just all shoot right to the front. That is why I changed. You won't blow up your 44 85 if you have a cam or a blower in one of these things, it's going to be totally fine. I'Ve only ever seen one guy break a stock transfer case in an Escalade while launching it, and it was because it had like 270,000 miles on it, which is, you know, gets a lot of miles just by word of mouth, but really the 261 case. I have in here I got on Facebook marketplace and I literally spray painted it black and stuffed it in there. I didn't change anything. I didn't even add the pump prop kit, which I probably should do at some point, but it's stock internally. Otherwise - and it's been holding up just fine another myth that I feel the need to throw out there is that when I tell people that I got rid of my stock transfer case but 261 HD in here, they think they have to get the same one. And that's not true either. I just picked that one, because if I was going to pick one, I wanted to get the best one best, one from what I could gather but really you're, just you're not going to blow up a transfer case, a half-ton truck. He just dumped from having too much power. You won't break one unless you're, bouncing or Hoffman will hop and doing something. Stupid, they're really really strong. Like another good transfer case option, if you don't want to 61 HD is the NP 241 see that can be found in the 90s pickups and those are the cheap, they're dime a dozen they're everywhere. Those are really strong, a buddy of mine, Gary Harris who does Drag Week in a crew cab Silverado weighs about 5,400 pounds, he's been doing 140 of 60-foots on the same transfer case for years off of a trans brake, and I I actually have one of those Transfer cases because I was gon na use it in here and I changed it to the other one, but uh ya know that's a really tough option too. But really, if you have a 4x4 truck and you're wanting to launch it, you don't need to change anything. Besides the transmission, if you have a 4l60 it's gon na blow up, it will so if you're gon na convert just change your input to the 32 spline deal and put it back in. It'S fine. Don'T forget to subscribe to the channel about to start putting a lot more effort in YouTube now that I actually have stuff going on and as far as more informative content goes on. How I made this thing work. You can stay tuned for that for cool stuff like why I have chains on the front end and yep. Follow me on instagram, stapleton, 42 or facebook staples and auto works. It'S all on there we'll see you later

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