Drive Your Truck Longer With These Great Repair Tips

Most likely, and you are likely among them. You need to understand what it takes to repair your car next time. The following article has auto repair tips and tricks you need to know.

Don't underestimate how important it is to have some kind of emergency kit inside your car. You can make your own; include things that you will have to have to put on a spare, charge your battery and put more gas in your tank.

Ask mechanics if they have worked on the same make and model of car before contracting with them. If they say that they have, there is a better chance they can help resolve any issues you have.

Be wary of auto technicians who makes unneeded repairs to your car. A good mechanic should let you know if they noticed parts that are starting to get worn down and will never perform work without your full approval. Never give your car to someone who preforms unnecessary repairs.

A spare tire and a jack are valuable items to have in case of the time. A majority of newer vehicles are already equipped with them. You would hate to be stuck out in the road and be forced to spend money on a lot for towing. It's cheaper to do it by yourself.

Assemble an auto repair kit to keep in the trunk of your car. Your car came with equipment needed for changing a tire and other necessary items. A lug wrench and a jack are key. You should have a few screwdrivers with various shapes as well as different wrenches like for this kit.

Speak with friends about where they get their auto shop recommendations before you pick a shop. You may get some great recommendations from your friends and family that make your search easier. You should still always do your research on the person they tell you about. Check online reviews about the shop in question.

Be sure that you're reminding yourself of oil needs changing. You have to change it regularly get the oil changed to make sure your car running smoothly.If your oil is not changed on a regular basis, your car could stop working much earlier than expected.

Remember you don't have to go to your dealer to get auto repair work done. There are many shops where skilled auto technicians that may be closer in proximity to your house. Find someone who you are comfortable with and reliable.

Take photos of your car before taking it to a new shop. Some shops may strip parts off your vehicle and resell them. You need to be able to document the vehicle looks like in case you experience this terrible thing.

Not that many people read their car's manual. You should read over the manual and know what you need to do if a problem comes about. Your manual contains everything you should know about maintaining your car and performing small repairs yourself.

OEM is the Manufacturer's Original Equipment Manufacturer. Remember this if you need to have parts on your car. You sound better educated on auto repair by telling your mechanic to use OEM parts. This means you're less likely that the mechanic will attempt to install parts that have been previously used.

AAA is a good company to look into when you've got auto repair issues. You can often find discounts for repair costs from AAA.

It costs a lot to use the mechanics at the car's dealer, but it's often the safest option. The dealer mechanics are often specialists concerning your type of car. They are used to handling common problems commonly found in the type of car you own. They also trained in various programs to keep their skills up to date.

Always ask plenty of questions when speaking with a mechanic. How long is the repair take? What type of work being performed? How much is the parts cost? Ask about anything and everything that you can think of.

Given your new understanding of the information above, you ought to feel much more prepared. This means that the next time you have some kind of a problem, you'll be able to get it fixed quickly. That, or you can locate someone else that can. You should have a reliable car.

GM Truck 4x4 Launch MYTHS

I thought I would sit down for a couple minutes to explain the single most common question. I get asked about this thing all the time, and that is what transfer case am I using because, if you're familiar with des plaines, you know these things come as all-wheel drive and you may have seen me posting videos doing two wheel, drive dyno polls or nasty Burn outs - or you know stuff like that, and in addition to wondering how I'm doing in two-wheel drive, I also get asked all the time how it doesn't blow up as far as like the front diff and everything. So I'm just going to throw that all out there right now we're going to get rid of some some myths about these GM half-tons and their four wheel drive components. So, first of all, as far as transfer case goes, that I am personally running, it is a 261 HD transfer case which is not what came in this. Originally, it is a 4x4 manual transfer case from a like a mint 2000 2500 gas pickup. Basically, if you could find the 261 transfer case in a truck that was a 2500 came with a 6 liter in a 4 League and was manual shift on the floor, the electronic shift version of this transfer case is the 263. That'S the only difference is one. Some electronically shifted versus manual. I went with manual because I wanted to not have to deal with any electronics but uh really. I chose that transfer case because it is the strongest rated transfer case for that. I guess your range so to speak. There'S a 261 and a 261 HD, I have the HD and there is also a 261 X HD, which comes in the Duramax trucks and naturally, before I got mine, I thought oh, I want to get it x8 because it probably means extra heavy-duty. Well, that's not the case from what I could gather the X just signifies that it has a 29 spline input for an allison transmission instead of a 32 for a 480, which is what I have in here. So I got the regular HD and the difference between the HD and the non HD cuz there's a 261 and 261 HD is it has a thicker chain which is beneficial, but you won't break your regular 261. You just don't, which leads me to. My second point is that everybody thinks that you're gon na frickin blow up all of your front-end components: you're gon na blow up or transfer case. If you have a bunch of power and you need to upgrade it and that's just not true at all this front. Diff is stock stock completely stock. I just changed the oil in it for the first time ever like a month ago, and it looked completely fine. It'S got stock axles stocks, TVs, like stock, isn't original that this thing came from the dealership, which I have not changed them and has probably 70,000 miles on it, and I beat the crap out of it with an LSA blower combination for about eleven thousand miles before This turbos up, so its tout, wouldn't worry about it at all, and I did not get rid of the stock transfer case because it will blow up, which is another misconception that I want to clear up the stock transfer case. In this thing, it's a board Warner. 44 85 and it's an all wheel, drive transfer case with a viscous coupling, which means that the unlike a manual 4x4 case there is no mechanical connection in there. The viscous coupling is much like a torque converter, whereas fluid with turbines that engage the front wheels, and I didn't like that because when I have the supercharger in here with these all-wheel-drive trucks, they don't they don't lock the front diff, they can't lock. There'S no there's not actually a lot notice, the difference so to regulate front wheel, speed. It pulses the ABS, which naturally you're thinking. Why would I want the brakes pulse me when you're launching you don't, and this thing was doing that so I was like you know how much I pull the ABS fuse out and see if that gets rid of it, but when it did that the front, I Would lift it would unload the driver side front tire and just do a one tire fire for like three hundred feet, because the viscous coupling the transfer of power would just go through the transfer case to the nearest package least resistance, much like an open diff. So I switched to a mechanical 4x4 case to get rid of that. That way, if you're, spinning a front tire, the rear tires get the same amount of power regardless it doesn't just all shoot right to the front. That is why I changed. You won't blow up your 44 85 if you have a cam or a blower in one of these things, it's going to be totally fine. I'Ve only ever seen one guy break a stock transfer case in an Escalade while launching it, and it was because it had like 270,000 miles on it, which is, you know, gets a lot of miles just by word of mouth, but really the 261 case. I have in here I got on Facebook marketplace and I literally spray painted it black and stuffed it in there. I didn't change anything. I didn't even add the pump prop kit, which I probably should do at some point, but it's stock internally. Otherwise - and it's been holding up just fine another myth that I feel the need to throw out there is that when I tell people that I got rid of my stock transfer case but 261 HD in here, they think they have to get the same one. And that's not true either. I just picked that one, because if I was going to pick one, I wanted to get the best one best, one from what I could gather but really you're, just you're not going to blow up a transfer case, a half-ton truck. He just dumped from having too much power. You won't break one unless you're, bouncing or Hoffman will hop and doing something. Stupid, they're really really strong. Like another good transfer case option, if you don't want to 61 HD is the NP 241 see that can be found in the 90s pickups and those are the cheap, they're dime a dozen they're everywhere. Those are really strong, a buddy of mine, Gary Harris who does Drag Week in a crew cab Silverado weighs about 5,400 pounds, he's been doing 140 of 60-foots on the same transfer case for years off of a trans brake, and I I actually have one of those Transfer cases because I was gon na use it in here and I changed it to the other one, but uh ya know that's a really tough option too. But really, if you have a 4x4 truck and you're wanting to launch it, you don't need to change anything. Besides the transmission, if you have a 4l60 it's gon na blow up, it will so if you're gon na convert just change your input to the 32 spline deal and put it back in. It'S fine. Don'T forget to subscribe to the channel about to start putting a lot more effort in YouTube now that I actually have stuff going on and as far as more informative content goes on. How I made this thing work. You can stay tuned for that for cool stuff like why I have chains on the front end and yep. Follow me on instagram, stapleton, 42 or facebook staples and auto works. It'S all on there we'll see you later

What's the best 4x4 pickup truck?

This is the new all-singing, all-dancing may not sing or dance mercedes-benz, x-class pickup truck. The question is: how does it thank you very much compared to the pickup establishment, such as the toyota hilux, mitsubishi l200, volkswagen amarok and Ford Ranger. Now please like and subscribe because they said they wouldn't. Let me down until I'd asked you to do just that, so we are going to put these cars through three challenges, the first of which is a lap of our benchmark. Disused quarry that you'll have seen in other videos now that's to test the ride quality when loaded with 250 kilograms of ballast in the back of these cars, as well as assess how well they cope with some off-road challenges. First up, then, is the new contender. The mercedes-benz X class, okay, so the X class, as you may be aware, is Mercedes first kind of pickup thing, but for that reason they based it on the Nissan Navara. It'S got a slightly strengthened chassis to cope with the fact that they do a 350 model, which is 600, but this is not it. This is the X 250 d. This variant then, has 187 horsepower and a payload of a thousand and sixty six kilograms, it'll tow. Three and a half tonnes just going over some moguls now it rides firmly enough with nothing in the back. It rides a bit more subtly whoa by the time I chuck in 250 kilograms of sand and gravel the interior is pleasant Mercedes when they approached this they said. Well, you know there are lots of pickups that do the off-road load, carrying thing and people use them. Everyday, but wouldn't it be nice to have one of those cars which is actually quite pleasant and classy inside, so this is one of the more expensive pickups it's this one is 34 grand in the UK, including v8 e. A lot of people won't pay that it has part-time four-wheel drive with low ratio, some of the interior shatterdome in that bit. Some of the interior elements come from the V class van, but it's built on the listen of our line. It'S not the easiest thing in the world to place quite a high window line, and you just see bulge upon it, the engines very quietly. Can you hear it? I barely? Can the turning circle is not bad lock to lock. It is about three and a half turns which would be slow for a typical Mercedes, but not slow for a big pickup truck just grounds ever so slightly over. These moguls will say other cars get on versus that in terms of approach, departure, yada-yada-yada angles, does it feel like a Mercedes? I think that's the thing terms of the interior feel the infotainment system. Yes, it does, but there are things that give it away in a very old-school, old-fashioned, big gear lever, the fax got so many turns lock to lock, and you know it feels like a pickup truck as the person who swapped it with me. Yesterday said it's pretty crude mate. Well, it is, but such is a car that can tow through and off tons and has a ton load in in the back and can fit I figure by there. So I mean low ratio. That was pretty easy. Stick it in neutral electronically switch it. This is an unusual pickup in that it's got multi-link rear suspension. Now it still has a live axle, but most trucks like this have leaf springs. That makes them more rugged, typically, but the Navara and it's the ex class does not went over the the big thing. We think some of the cars might ground on quite nicely on full lock. It grinds a bit in low ratio, that's not surprising. The dip center diff is locked. Am i impressed reasonably, but the truth will come when we try something else. It'S like cricket, there's no good telling just after the first innings you'll find out once somebody else has batted and next into back is the Ford Ranger, which is one of the lower powered trucks here with just a hundred and fifty eight horsepower and 284 pounds foot. But it's also one of the cheapest, but things are competitive. It doesn't lie too badly with the stuff in the back. That just is scrambling over the vocals. Quite quite a lot. A lot of smoke coming out the back dust coming out. The back turning circle is good steering is light. I like steering actually, let's do very nicely very consistently for tends to try and put the same kind of feel into all of its vehicles, whether that's a Fiesta or Mondeo, or even I guess, a ranger one of the more dynamic caster drives got to put 2-liter. Forcing the Reg in 1080 kilo payload, you can talk through in half tonnes with it. In this limited inversion. It'S got the it's got a sort of touchscreen thing in the middle. I think the engines fairly refined, as you would expect, a low ish powered 2.2 diesel to be come on just creep it through greatly through grief III, agree clear. Through there we go a sort of long throttle pedal for creeping around how's the turning circle. Well, the ranges rack is four turns lock to lock, but it's actually got quite a good turning circle, so the steering doesn't feel too slow. It'S easy to place the visibility's better. It doesn't feel like it's got quite as much girth to it as say. The ex class or the Amarok actually quite a relaxing thing to drive, and I don't think it rides too badly a neutral and then via electronic switch shift. A 4x4 low in progress done. It'S pretty quick see if it will go over the Mogul, like it changed out. I get for me then, but but it's a really easy progressive power delivery. This cake piece of actual cake, what a mind a piece of actual cake and thus ends the Rangers off-road test, and so then, to the Mitsubishi l200 who's steering here is quite vague, but it feels fairly narrow actually compared to some of the others and over the Moghuls, hello, hello: is there any chance of just you know I've got to center diff locked, then the ESC will not get me over. I'M gon na have to really I'm gon na have to attack this again. That'S weird, there's debility control on these things. You know the ABS effectively you use that use the same circuit when you've got an open differential and you can't lock it. What you rely on is the is that is the AC braking one wheel, because otherwise the wheel to spin, so it breaks that wheel. Power goes to a wheel that has grip, you get over your moguls. These are not big moguls and everything else has got over the ranges. But it's ties me well this time it is got over with a thump and then another thump as it goes, and that was with the sensitive locked as well. It made a bit of a meal of things, didn't it there. I thought the l200 finds itself in the middle of the pack in terms of both outputs producing 179 horsepower and 317 pound for the talk and in terms of price, because it costs thirty, two thousand seven hundred pounds where this has got the most claustrophobic cam. In the fit, and finish is alright, for one of these, the infotainment system is quite complicated and the ride feels quite well control, definitely with our test ballast. In the back. Let'S see it's like it's on, except was pretty good. I think, as a bit of self-centering to the steering - it's not as precise as the Ranger when it comes to this kind of driving, visibility's okay, but at least it doesn't feel as large as the x-class and if it is, it just doesn't feel it a bit Like city cars, all of these trucks are within smidgens of each other, where we do a city car group test, the difference between say the shortest and the longest is a matter of millimeters, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive. A few quid or even less than that and the same is true of cars like these that have bought so much on how much they cost you to run. It gets over around a very steep corner very easily. Is it gon na scrape it's gon na scrape the tow bar a lot, and I know it's got tow bar on it? If you want maximum departure angle, don't have a tow bar, but that scrapes more down the x-class is tow bar doing the same thing. How about it's fighting this car? It'S fine! But it's in a realm where there are cars that better arrange rides a bit better he's a bit quieter. The s-class does well everything that we've tested so far. Does that initial mogul better right, I meant for low. I have my centered if looked, we've got too high for high for high with centered if for low is sensitive and thus far, I've had the sensitive locked all the time, but the fact that it wouldn't go over those initial moguls without a run-up slightly worrying gets To the top of the ramp easily, it's got a nice throttle response to be fair. It'S got a nice easy throttle. Progression doesn't Grunch on the way over and then on full lock on the way out, get a little bit of complaining from that centre. Differential next up is the Volkswagen Amarok, the only car here with a manual gearbox, but we won't hold that against it because you can get an auto. It'S also the only car here with a v6 engine rather than a four-cylinder engine. I did ask Volkswagen engineer why they did that? Why, for a v6, because we wanted to was the answer fair enough right, I'm in for high! It has breezed over the first part of the Moghuls, didn't quite breeze over the end of it, but it got there in the end one over on the l200 there. But I didn't quite breeze. It is easily as some of the other cars I'm just gon na drive. It round basically feet off everything in first until I get to the bit where I need low range, if poss it's really comfortable. Actually, it's not Volkswagen Phaeton, but compared to the other stuff. Here it takes the edge off the ride, it's quiet and it's really quiet in it, and the interior quality feels Volkswagen, esque, mirror material, texture and stuff itself is not as good. It gets a bit hard on the bottom surfaces. This is one of the more expensive cars here, but if you are looking for the vehicle that does everything well, I think it's best. Looking it's probably the nicest inside this is the 163 horsepower version you can have up to 255 horsepower. It can carry over a ton in the load, bay and tow more than three tons, but not quite the full three and a half the smooth sounding engine. Isn'T it that's a nice sounding powerful power, boaty type of noise, rather than just a big 2.4 for something up? It'S a really smooth, cultured noise. If you're looking for one that will impress you as a car, this is the one right four by four low. Let'S find out how it deals with the hill low ranges left. This sounds good. It sounds really. Nice got to keep a little bit of power on yeah break over spike, even though it's got big side steps on it. So it looks the bee's knees. Oh and low range is very low, crawls down there and in first has a crawler gear really nicely really community to daily. This is arguably the most impressive of the bunch so far and finally, to the toyota hilux, which you may have seen on your television screen in the news with somebody standing in the back of the machine come it is the vehicle of choice throughout a lot of The world this is an auto. It'S a 2.4 diesel, 4 cylinder less power than anything else at 150, but it's got a decent amount talk. It has a low ratio which i've had to select, because i want to lock the rear diff and i can't lock the rid if, if i'm in for high but as a result, it breezes over remarkably easily and the turning circle is ok. It'S got a curious sort of interior and then it's not that car like, but it is quite toyota ish in how it looks unusual and the interior materials are quite scratchy. But then this is one of the more affordable of these vehicles. The rides a little bit bouncier than the Volkswagen, particularly, but it feels relatively compact. It'S got more than a ton payload, but at lonely, telo 3.2 tonnes around three and a half does that matter. It might do you, I guess, but it's easy to place. The steering is very consistently rated. It'S not a lights doing that by any means. It'S a you know, sort of medium white, medium precision better than an L 200. It'S one of those cars that does everything reasonably well. If you want the most refined car like pickup, this is not the one for you, but doesn't quite feel like it's got the same level of suppleness as the Volkswagen, but these cars are all sort of drifting into one another l200 aside, which I think very obviously Sits near at the bottom, the Amarok for me sits at the top, and then this is kind of sort of middle ground. Of this, the Ford and the Mercedes where which you would go for might depend as much on how much they cost as anything that one does better or worse than the other, that pretty quietly and easily, which would I rather have probably this over an excellence. Now we have to start narrowing the trucks down, so we picked a top three to send through to round to the l200 was eliminated as it refused to go across the smaller moguls upon its first run and the Ranger was left behind, because the x-class is a Bit nicer to sit in and performed slightly better off road, so that elimination leaves three cars left over the Volkswagen Amarok, the mercedes-benz x-class and the Toyota highlight which brings us to challenge two which involves another pickup truck somewhere between six and ten tons of unimog. And we've combed out a few metres over which the winner will leave the Unimog across the line in the shortest amount of time. First up its the Hilux, which doesn't have a tow bar, so we've had to Cantley, attach the Unimog to its chassis, got a team truck driver in the mob ready to stop it so doesn't run into the back of the car. So it's all done so that we don't break anything because you and I we've all seen stuff where things go terribly wrong on the internet. Right I am ready. Simon is ready. Three two one, the Hilux drags the bog over the line. In eight two point, three, eight seconds a leg and a marker for the Volkswagen Amarok to take home. Next, I'm going to be a bit general to get away, because this is a manual. The Amarok doesn't get away from the line as clearly as a Toyota, and it crosses the finishing line in nine point. Nine three seconds more than a second and a half shy of the Hilux and the ex class comes in the slowest of the three. With a time of ten point five five seconds, the Amarok is slightly hampered in this text by being a manual rather than an auto, but it's a really good pick up feeling classy inside and being an excellent all-rounder. The ex class is a decent pick up, but not ultimately a great Mercedes. Obviously we don't only decide a winner on the basis of which can tow it. You know, mark the fastest in terms of its size, its price and its ability. The Hilux is everything a working pickup should be okay, so the toyota hilux to your left. My right is the winner, which means it faces their big one, the Unimog. Actually, this is the small one. This is as small as monks get it's the u21 eight, which means it has a meager, 5.1 liter four-cylinder engine in the front driving all four wheels only makes about 175 horsepower, but it also makes 550 foot-pounds of torque. But it's what you can do to the Unimog chassis, which alone weighs six tons all in it, weighs about ten evenly distributed. That makes it special. So, for example, this one has a power take-off at the front, which means you can do boring things with it like attach a mower or thing that cleans the inside of tunnels or tree surgeons. Use them things like that. The belgian army put machine guns in them, which is excellent. It'S the whole versatility of them. That is the really special thing and also they're very low gear. They'Ve got eight forward speeds, six, reverse B's, but we'll take a look inside and I'll. Show you exactly what it does right. So what does your seventy-five hundred grand in this spec gets? You'Ve got pretty comfy plush seats and what you'll notice is this vast array of switches and a big lever? This has got a tip of bed, but you could put a cherry picker on it or you could put all kinds of things on it yeah. This has got a pre-selected gearbox. So if I turn it on, it's not the world's quietest vehicle, as you will understand. Currently in neutral, but if I were to flick it forwards into drive, wait for a click there. It goes. That means it's in Drive. If I lift off the clutch away, will go: stick it back in neutral now, I'm right hand drive at the moment. That'S fine for driving on the road but say I'm following a combine harvester, I'm on the left hand, side of it, and I want to see what it's tipping in the back. Quite simply, I pull off that and I can convert it into left hand drive in less than a minute. How wicked is that, ultimately, it's basically the coolest machine on the planet, especially if you get it in this kind of Porsche Miami blue, which I rather like today we're going to use it for something that it's not specifically designed for. It is an off-roader, but we're going to use it as a kind of end-of-level body against the Toyota we're going to do a rock crawl in this versus that, which means I need to get rid of the stuff in the back Music ]. My Sherpas outside showing me what to do a little bit precarious, I mean first of eight gears. This is just purely at that's purely on letting Mila and the clutch out on idle all they look at more interest in there. That'S amazing - and it just goes up anything but a long drop to my left. So just try keep an eye on that. Yeah, oh I'll, get a thumbs up I'll. Take that wan na go second, I'm outside of this. There are soft power take-off, some hydraulic, takeoffs everywhere, there's an airline that you can blow the radiator out with and in fact the radiator on the side. If say, you've got a mower on the side and it the radiator is sucking air and grass into it. You can reverse the fan and it blows it out. Instead, there are cameras, front and rear, showing the Unimog is not the world's easiest vehicle to creep along really slowly. Just because it's clutch it's really hard to modulate, they do do an automatic version for full auto, but they do do a mega off-road version as well, which it's got. Jacked up suspension and bigger, wheels and tires. Mercedes sells around a hundred in the UK dead-straight. Let'S drink this right a year, the brakes are also a bit grabby and because the cabin is so high and situated so far forwards on the chassis, the sensation is slightly terrifying feeling, as if you might flip over forwards, even though at 10 tonnes and with all Of that fairly low down, that is very, very unlikely, and as well as there's the articulation of which there is enough, the chassis is designed so that it actually twists slightly as well. So it increases the axle articulation. That way. Ground clearance is is strong because the differential, which is offset to one side or another there are live, axles, front and rear, but to gain more ground clearance. The axle sits above the centerline of the wheel, and then there is a gearbox each side underneath the axle these lads, I'm very confident from the outside. It feels rather precarious from in here. So if it does fall off these rocks and fall down to the left, it would keep going for several Laughter ], I'm running yeah yeah. Well, that feels among the most terrifying things I've ever done in a motorized vehicle. Let'S see how the Hilux gets on. It'S not really strictly the remit of a pickup truck, but I think it's a worthy test and we're gon na see how far it gets see how good as a percentage it is compared to the Unimog. The pedals are much easier to modulate this creep. When you lift off straightaway, obviously, which helps even more so in low ratio, haven't got much less power than the Unimog, you don't have a rather a lot less talk, rather a lot less weight as well, and not quite such low gearing I'm making quicker progress already. I think to be fair, just lift off the brakes, and that is overcoming stop. That is overcoming rocks just on Crete, I'm not putting any throttle on. So that's just on idle. That'S just creeping forward on idle doing rather well, there's a little bit of consternation outside at the moment, I'm afraid to me Simon's doing that that was the universal sign for you're going to break it. If you carry on it's car also has a conventional handbrake. So it's quite a smooth, quite a smooth vehicle, just snowy for a long car. The Hilux coped rather admirably over the rock crawl, with good axle articulation and a pretty high ground clearance. This is going well. How would the other pickups get on? I think, probably fine. It'S easier to turn the wheels when they're when they're up against the rock than it is in the market, but that is no great surprise. Given the size of the wheels on the new normal, the weight of the wheel, the weight of the chassis against them. You can get a unimog where you can remotely lower and raise the tire pressures from inside the cab that doesn't have it, but it does have an airline. So you could just let the tires down if you want to pop them back up. What does it better? Maybe a Jeep Wrangler, maybe the short wheelbase Toyota Landcruiser, but those things aside. The Hilux is as impressive. A car as we've come across, bear in mind that the Hilux is 30-something thousand pounds before options not 75 before options plus fat, I'm seriously impressed. In conclusion, our winners are machines that both work equally at home in the machine gun in the back of the Unimog is fantastic. Actually, though, I'm very impressed with the way the Toyota Hilux managed the rock core. I suspect any of them would have got over. Eventually, one way or another, but I'm pretty comfortable, saying that if you want the world's best pickup truck, you should buy a Toyota Hilux. If you like this nonsense, please don't forget to up thumb and subscribe we're here on YouTube. Every week we report guard at current UK all the time and we're in all good news agents and some rubbish ones. Every Wednesday Music, ]

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