Considering a 4x4 or 2wd Pickup?

If this is a commercial dealership, they carry a bunch of big-boy trucks, including this f650, and this one has the 6.7 liter power. Stroke. Suspension on the 650s is just massive, and the F, 450 cab and chassis truck shows you guys one of these before pretty cool truck. Look at this welding. They do here to combine the front and the rear section of this truck fully boxed up front open, see in the back. Hey everyone. So question I get asked from time to time is from people who are interested in buying a new pickup truck, but they don't know if they should opt for a four-wheel-drive truck or save some money and go with the two-wheel drive truck. The purpose of this video is to just help inform people on some of the benefits that they may or may not be aware of when looking at two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive trucks. So, let's start off with two-wheel drive trucks. What are the advantages of owning a two-wheel drive, pickup truck well, first of all capability. Now a lot of people think that that's counterintuitive and when you think of capability, you think well, what's more capable than a four-wheel drive pickup. The answer is, if you're looking for the most tow capacity generally available in any type of pickup truck as well as payload capacity, it's going to be in a two-wheel drive format, because a two-wheel drive truck has a lower curb weight, but generally the same gross vehicle Weight rating your payload capacity is increased because of that so, whereas a four-wheel drive truck might give you fifty five hundred pound payload capacity in a dual rear wheel configuration you can go all the way up to seven thousand five hundred pounds or more in a dually Configuration with a two-wheel drive truck the same holds true for towing capacity. Generally speaking, your greatest towing, capable pickup trucks are going to be. Two-Wheel drive, dually pickup trucks, it kind of works with that same logic, because you have more room for payload capacity. You can generally haul a much heavier pin weight which will increase the total overall weight of a trailer that you can haul. With the truck a two-wheel drive configuration for some people, maybe the best choice, depending on what they're doing a lot of folks who haul cars a lot of folks who haul large goose necks, are very content with two-wheel drive trucks as long as they don't take them To areas that they can get stuck in the mud or areas that are just too rough to go in with the two-wheel drive vehicle, but that being said, there are a lot of really talented folks that know how to drive wheel, drive truck over virtually any frame Without getting inside, I see that all the time, especially when you look at some of these folks that work for farms and have to get their vehicles in and out of farm locations over some really really muddy and adverse terrain. And they can do it very well. With the two-wheel drive vehicle, another perk you get from a two-wheel drive vehicle can be fuel economy. In some cases you can see upwards of 30 percent, better fuel economy with a two-wheel drive vehicle than a four-wheel drive vehicle. Part of that is just rolling resistance. You don't have as many components you don't have as much weight keeping the truck stationary. So it's much easier to move with. The two-wheel drive configuration than a four-wheel drive and that equates to better fuel economy. Another perk is cost generally you're going to save about 2,000. To 2,500 dollars by opting for a two-wheel drive version over a 4-wheel Drive version, the more expensive the package of truck the less that matters right. If you're going to get a laramie longhorn or a f-350 platinum or a Denali pickup, it really isn't going to matter. If you're going to pay sixty eight thousand dollars to seventy one thousand dollars for four-wheel drive or not in some cases those higher end trucks are only available in four-wheel drive, so you have to be sure to look at the packages. For instance, if you opt for a Ford f-450 pickup truck, it's only available in a dually configuration with four-wheel drive on your more volume package. Trucks such as your X, LTS or your SLPs, or a tradesmen model Ram you're generally going to see the biggest differences in price between a two wheel, drive and a four wheel, drive truck and then the final perk of a two wheel drive vehicle is just the Lack of other components that could potentially fail, such as a transfer case and a front differential as well as a need for all the electronics and the controls that go along with owning a four-wheel drive, but those parts tend to be very reliable on four-wheel drive trucks. So maintaining a new truck with four-wheel drive generally consists of just putting in four-wheel drive occasionally, and if you really put a lot of miles on the truck to have the fluids changed out and just do the same type of maintenance that you would do on the Two-Wheel drive truck, but also on the drive components of a four-wheel drive truck now, let's focus on four-wheel, drive trucks and talk about some of the perks of owning one well, first of all, capability - and I know capability - was a big part of owning a two-wheel drive Truck but let's talk about a different type of capability. What, if you are in a situation where you need four-wheel, drive what, if you plan on taking it out to the beach or you plan on driving over a ranch, road or a farm road or just needing to get to a place that four-wheel drive, would definitely Be a better bet of getting 2 versus 2 wheel drive, so capability is probably the number one and most important factor of owning a four-wheel drive truck it's kind of the what-if situation. You buy a backup generator for your house in case you need it. You buy water bottles for your house in case you need it. You buy things in case of an emergency, hoping you never really have to use it and in a lot of cases owning a four-wheel drive truck when you don't really need a four-wheel. Drive truck is going to be that in case of type scenario, what if something happens and four-wheel drive could have helped you, and if you opted for two-wheel drive, you just don't have the capability right then so capability is number one in my book number two would Be resale value having a four-wheel drive truck, even though it costs you a little bit more is a more desirable vehicle when it comes time to sell it or trade it in. So if you get a pickup truck with four-wheel drive, you are much more likely to get a better offer when it comes to either selling your truck or trading. Your truck and - and I think that is a huge perk of owning a four-wheel-drive truck, mainly the fact that it's easier to get out of when it's time to sell it, also utility right. There are times that owning a four-wheel-drive truck can definitely benefit you. Let'S say you pull a boat, let's say you pull an RV and you're in a situation where you might need four-wheel-drive to get a boat out of the water or you're going to need four-wheel-drive to get into a certain location or out of a certain location. If you're hauling an RV or any type of utility trailer, those are all really good reasons to own a four-wheel-drive truck and the final perk is just safety in general. You know you may live in an area where you get a lot of snow. You get a lot of sleep, you get ice on the roads or you may live in an area where it frequently floods or there's downpours and just inclement weather, maybe you're in an area where there's a lot of hurricanes and tornadoes and there's a lot of debris That could be in the road having a four-wheel-drive vehicle can generally get you in and out of an area or to or from an area safer than a two-wheel drive vehicle. Just because you have the added safety of being able to engage, four-wheel drive to go over the type of terrain or through the type of terrain that a two-wheel drive vehicle might not be able to handle. And that's a huge reason to also look at getting a four-wheel-drive truck. If you ask me personally what I prefer, though I prefer a four-wheel drive truck hands down for all of the reasons that I mentioned now I know I talked about the capabilities of a two-wheel drive truck from a payload and towing perspective. However, four-wheel drive trucks come with so many different types of payload and towing packages that really shouldn't be much of an issue regardless of what size or type of trailer that you're hauling. In our case, my truck can haul up to 30 1,200 pounds and I have roughly fifty six hundred pound payload capacity, so I'm well within the specs of any fifth wheel or trailer that I might pull with my specific truck. If I were going to go significantly heavier or larger than that from a trailer perspective, I'd probably opt to get a medium duty truck. If that were the case anyways, I hope this video has been informative for you again. A lot of these are my opinions. A lot of these are also factual, just based on the type of need that you may have for a specific type of truck. If you like my videos, if you like the content, I'd appreciate, if you give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel everyone. Oh

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