Z71 vs Regular 4x4 Truck - Which is Better?

Should you buy a z71 or a regular 4x4 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado? This is my z71 four-wheel drive, Chevy Silverado pickup and we're gon na, compare that to my dad's, regular Chevy 4x4 pickup benefits and disadvantages, and why one would want one rather than the other. When I was looking for it, I wanted z71, not even knowing what it was, but just because I knew they would be better off Road new design for offroad its off-road yeah. So so I went with that and my dad thought about that, but when he bought his truck he was planning to do a lot of miles. He'S driven that thing to Alaska he's in California and Colorado and all over the West, and so his idea was. He wants the most comfortable ride and he wants four-wheel drive because he drives through a lot of snow and mud and Alaska trip, pulling a 17 foot trailer. With this thing, you need you four-wheel drive, but you also want it to be comfortable on the highway, while you're driving a thousand miles in a day or two. So the fundamental difference in ride quality is going to be your shocks and on the z71 I know it's dark down here. Jesus, that's worn out, Hey, look, recycle your oil. So on the z71 you get these Bilstein shocks that are super heavy-duty. The springs are the same, but it's your shocks that are different. So this thing like when you're in the city and you're going over bumps and potholes, it's got a rough ride. It bounces you around. Now, if you hit a speed bump at 30 miles an hour. It'S a lot more comfortable and smooth than it would be in that truck, but if you're driving that fast in the Costco parking lot, let's do all you often put you in jail. So when you're thinking about it, you got to think about shut up bird when you're thinking about you got to think about. What'S best for you and once you're going to be doing most of the time, you're going to be doing mostly highway miles, and you just want to be able to get out of the mud and drive in some snow, then really a regular four-wheel-drive truck is the Way to go where you live, Chevy four-wheel-drive, it's basically the same truck same springs. It'S just got softer shocks. Also the wheel package that came with z71. It was required to have z71. I'Ve got these 16 inch, aluminum rims with with fatter tires. So if you're going to ever going to have to pressure down and go in the sand or dirt, it's better to go with to z71 and just just sacrifice a little bit of ride, quality on the street and other parts of the z71. Again, you'd really only want this stuff if you're going offroad, but I guess also, if you're gon na get stuck in the in the snow and need somebody to pull you out. It comes with bumper hooks comes with some skid plates down here you can see my engine is protected and down there, the transfer case is protected, and that means I feel a little safer when I'm bouncing through the wilderness in this thing that none of my vital Important bits are going to get beaten to death. That'S the bottom, so don't go faster than the other advantage of buying the regular versus the z71 is generally it's $ 500 or $ 1,000 cheaper used because people charge you a c7 t1 premium because they know that's what people are looking for. So if you want just a regular truck, that's good on the freeway go with this one rather than z71. Also, if you are shopping for the actual z71 pickup, beware that any idiot can buy some stickers for two for $ 10 on eBay and put them on their truck. So here is how you can tell if it is really easy. 71, your truck all of your vehicle codes are in the glove box, so if they're lying about it, this is where you'll find out. Then you look down here right there. You see it says z71 among all the other B's and Z's and other stuff. So it's also Z, 82, but I should get a Z, 82 sticker. I should get a v 73 sticker, but those are all your codes that the manufacturer put in there to tell you what actually came with the truck. So unless the guy changed out the glovebox door or modified that sticker, you'll know that it's a real Z, 71

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